Appendix: VMart Example Database Schema, Tables, and Scripts

This appendix provides detailed information about the VMart example database’s schema, tables, and scripts.

The VMart example database contains three different schemas:

  • public
  • store
  • online_sales

The term “schema” has several related meanings in Vertica:

  • In SQL statements, a schema refers to named namespace for a logical schema.
  • Logical schema refers to a set of tables and constraints.
  • Physical schema refers to a set of projections.


Tables identifies the three schemas and all the data tables in the VMart database. Each schema contains tables that are created and loaded during database installation. See the schema maps for a list of tables and their contents:

Sample Scripts describes the sample scripts that contain SQL commands that represent queries that might be used in a real business using a VMart-like database. Once you’re comfortable running the example queries, you might want to write your own.