Installing External Procedure Executable Files

To install an external procedure, use the Administration Tools through either menu or the command line.

Using the Admin Tools Menus

    1. Run the Administration Tools.

      $ /opt/vertica/bin/adminTools
    2. On the AdminTools Main Menu, click Configuration Menu, and then click OK.
    3. On the Configuration Menu, click Install External Procedure and then click OK.

    4. Select the database on which you want to install the external procedure.
    5. Either select the file to install or manually type the complete file path, and then click OK.
    6. If you are not the superuser, you are prompted to enter your password and click OK.

      The Administration Tools automatically create the <database_catalog_path>/procedures directory on each node in the database and installs the external procedure in these directories for you.

    7. Click OK in the dialog that indicates that the installation was successful.

Command Line

If you use the command line, be sure to specify the full path to the procedure file and the password of the Linux user who owns the procedure file;

For example:

$ admintools -t install_procedure -d vmartdb -f /scratch/ -p ownerpassword
Installing external procedure...
External procedure installed

Once you have installed an external procedure, you need to make Vertica aware of it. To do so, use the CREATE PROCEDURE statement, but review Creating External Procedures first.