Sets an internal variable to one or more values. If multiple values are specified, they are concantenated. An unqualified \set command lists all internal variables.

To unset a variable, use vsql meta-command\unset.


\set [var [value]…]



The name of an internal variable to set. Valid variable names are case sensitive and can contain characters, digits, and underscores. vsql treats several variables as special, which are described in Variables.


A value to set in variable var. If no value is specified, the variable is set to no value.

If set to an empty string, the variable is set to no value. If you omit this argument, \set returns all internal variables.

If no arguments are supplied, \set returns all internal variables. For example:

=> \set
VERSION = 'vsql'
VERBOSITY = 'default'
PROMPT1 = '%/%R%# '
PROMPT2 = '%/%R%# '
PROMPT3 = '>> '
ROWS_AT_A_TIME = '1000'
DBNAME = 'dbadmin'
USER = 'dbadmin'
PORT = '5433'
LOCALE = 'en_US@collation=binary'
HISTSIZE = '500'