The Management API requires an authentication key, named VerticaAPIKEY, to access some API resources. You can manage API keys by using the apikeymgr command-line tool.

usage: apikeymgr [-h] [--user REQUESTOR] [--app APPLICATION] [--delete]
                 [--create] [--update] [--migrate]
                 [--secure {restricted,normal,admin}] [--list]

API key management tool

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --user REQUESTOR      The name of the person requesting the key
  --app APPLICATION     The name of the application that will use the key
  --delete              Delete the key for the given R & A
  --create              Create a key for the given R & A
  --update              Update a key for the given R & A
  --migrate             migrate the keyset to the latest format
  --secure {restricted,normal,admin}
                        Set the keys security level
  --list                List all the keys known

Example Request

To create a new VerticaAPIKEY for the dbadmin user with admin access, enter the following:

$ apikeymgr --user dbadmin --app vertica --create --secure admin


Requestor  : dbadmin
Application: vertica
API Key    : ValidAPIKey
Synchronizing cluster...