Prompting Windows Users for Missing Connection Properties

The Vertica Windows ODBC driver can prompt the user for connection information if required information is missing. The driver displays the Vertica Connection Dialog if the client application calls SQLDriverConnect to connect to Vertica and either of the following is true:

  • the DriverCompletion property is set to SQL_DRIVER_PROMPT.
  • the DriverCompletion property is set to SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE or SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE_REQUIRED and the connection string or DSN being used to connect is missing the server, database, or port information.

If either of the above conditions are true, the driver displays a Vertica Connection Dialog to the user to prompt for connection information.

The dialog has all of the property values supplied in the connection string or DSN filled in.

Your connection string at least needs to specify Vertica as the driver, otherwise Windows will not know to use the Vertica ODBC driver to try to open the connection.

The required fields on the connection dialog are Database, UID, Server, and Port. Once these are filled in, the form enables the OK button.

If the user clicks Cancel on the dialog, the SQLDriverConnect function call returns SQL_NO_DATA immediately, without attempting to connect to Vertica. If the user supplies incomplete or incorrect information for the connection, the connection function returns SQL_ERROR after the connection attempt fails.

If the DriverCompletion property of the SQLDriverConnect function call is SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT, the ODBC driver immediately returns a SQL_ERROR indicating that it cannot connect because not enough information has been supplied and the driver is not allowed to prompt the user for the missing information.