Client Libraries

The Vertica client driver libraries provide interfaces for connecting your client applications (or third-party applications such as Cognos and MicroStrategy) to your Vertica database. The drivers simplify exchanging data for loading, report generation, and other common database tasks.

There are three separate client drivers:

  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)—the most commonly-used interface for third-party applications and clients written in C, Python, PHP, Perl, and most other languages.
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)—used by clients written in the Java programming language.
  • ActiveX Data Objects for .NET (ADO.NET)—used by clients developed using Microsoft's .NET Framework and written in C#, Visual Basic .NET, and other .NET languages.

Client Driver Standards

The Vertica client drivers are compatible with the following driver standards:

  • The ODBC driver complies with version 3.5.1 of the ODBC standard.
  • Vertica's JDBC driver is a type 4 driver that complies with the JDBC 3.0 standard. It is compiled using JDK version 1.5, and is compatible with client applications compiled using JDK versions 1.5 and 1.6.
  • ADO.NET drivers conform to .NET framework 3.0 specifications.

The drivers do not support some of the optional features in the standards. See ODBC Feature Support and JDBC Feature Support and Using ADO.NET for details.