Administration Tools

You can perform most Vertica database administration tasks with Vertica Administration Tools.

Administration tools has two interfaces:

Running Administration Tools on the Command Line

As dbadmin user, you can run administration tools on the command line as follows:

/opt/vertica/bin/admintools [--debug ][
     { -h | --help }
   | { -a | --help_all} 
   | { -t | --tool } tool‑name[ options | {-h | --help} ] 

If unqualified by any options, admintools invokes the Administration Tools GUI interface:

Admin Tools screen

Command-Line Options


If you include the debug option, Vertica logs debug information.

You can specify the debug option with or without naming a specific tool. If you specify debug with a specific tool, Vertica logs debug information during tool execution. If you do not specify a tool, Vertica logs debug information when you run tools through the admintools user interface.


Outputs help:

  • If specified as an argument to admintools, returns the basic syntax and a list of all administration tools. For example:
    $ admintools -h
  • If specified as an argument to an administration tool, returns the syntax for tool options. For example:
    admintools -t revive_db -h
Outputs verbose help, which lists all command-line sub-commands and options.

Specifies the tool to run as follows:

{ -t | --tool } tool‑name[ options | {-h | --help} ]
  • tool‑name is the name of an administration tool of the tools described in the help output,
  • options is a list of options supported by this command
  • -h / --help returns valid syntax for this command