Trickle Loading Data

Trickle loading is when a large number of small batches are sent to your database over time. Use trickle loading after an initial bulk data load completes to load new and changed data incrementally.

Because trickle loading loads data directly to the WOS, you get real-time querying access to your data. Writing to the WOS is much more efficient than writing to the ROS for small chunks of data, and the data is queryable immediately,

To specify trickle loading, use the TRICKLE keyword, but only when the following conditions are true:

  • You have a finely tuned load and moveout process at your site.
  • You are confident that the WOS has room to hold the data you are loading. Trickle loading loads data into the WOS unless the WOS is full. If the WOS becomes full, the entire data load fails.

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