Catalog and Data Files

For the recovery process to complete successfully, it is essential that catalog and data files be in the proper directories.

In Vertica, the catalog is a set of files that contains information (metadata) about the objects in a database, such as the nodes, tables, constraints, and projections. The catalog files are replicated on all nodes in a cluster, while the data files are unique to each node. These files are installed by default in the following directories:

/DATABASE_HOME_DIR/DATABASE_NAME/v_db_nodexxxx_catalog/ /DATABASE_HOME_DIR/DATABASE_NAME/v_db_nodexxxx_catalog/ 

DATABASE_HOME_DIR is the path, which you can see from the Administration Tools. See Using the Administration Tools in the Administrator's Guide for details on using the interface.

To view the path of your database:

  1. Run the Administration Tools.

    $ /opt/vertica/bin/admintools
  2. From the Main Menu, select Configuration Menu and click OK.
  3. Select View Database and click OK.
  4. Select the database you want would like to view and click OK to see the database profile.

See Understanding the Catalog Directory for an explanation of the contents of the catalog directory.