Adding Disk Space to a Node

This procedure describes how to add disk space to a node in the Vertica cluster.

If you are adding disk space to multiple nodes in the cluster, then use the following procedure for each node, one node at a time.

To add disk space to a node:

  1. If you must shut down the hardware to which you are adding disk space, then first shut down Vertica on the host where disk space is being added.
  2. Add the new disk to the system as required by the hardware environment. Boot the hardware if it is was shut down.
  3. Partition, format, and mount the new disk, as required by the hardware environment.
  4. Create a data directory path on the new volume.

    For example:

    mkdir –p /myNewPath/myDB/host01_data2/
  5. If you shut down the hardware, then restart Vertica on the host.
  6. Open a database connection to Vertica and add a storage location to add the new data directory path. Specify the node in the CREATE LOCATION, otherwise Vertica assumes you are creating the storage location on all nodes.

    See Creating Storage Locations in this guide and the CREATE LOCATION statement in the SQL Reference Manual.