Vertica Analytics Platform Version 9.2.x Documentation

Changing Node Export Addresses

You can change the export address for your Vertica cluster. You might need to do so to export data between clusters in different network subnets.

  1. Create a subnet for importing and exporting data between Vertica clusters. The CREATE SUBNET statement identifies the public network IP addresses residing on the same subnet.

    => CREATE SUBNET kv_subnet with '';
  2. Alter the database to specify the subnet name of a public network for import/export.

  3. Create network interfaces for importing and exporting data from individual nodes to other Vertica clusters. The CREATE NETWORK INTERFACE statement identifies the public network IP addresses residing on multiple subnets.

    => CREATE NETWORK INTERFACE kv_node1 on v_VMartDB_node0001 with '';
    => CREATE NETWORK INTERFACE kv_node2 on v_VMartDB_node0002 with '';
    => CREATE NETWORK INTERFACE kv_node3 on v_VMartDB_node0003 with '';
    => CREATE NETWORK INTERFACE kv_node4 on v_VMartDB_node0004 with '';

    For users on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or using Network Address Translation (NAT), refer to Vertica on Amazon Web Services.

  4. Alter the node settings to change the export address. When used with the EXPORT ON clause, the ALTER NODE specifies the network interface of the public network on individual nodes for importing and exporting data.

    => ALTER NODE v_VMartDB_node0001 export on kv_node1;
    => ALTER NODE v_VMartDB_node0002 export on kv_node2;
    => ALTER NODE v_VMartDB_node0003 export on kv_node3;
    => ALTER NODE v_VMartDB_node0004 export on kv_node4;
  5. Verify if the node address and the export address are different on different network subnets of the Vertica cluster.

    => SELECT node_name, node_address, export_address FROM nodes;
         node_name     | node_address    | export_address
    v_VMartDB_node0001 | |
    v_VMartDB_node0002 | |
    v_VMartDB_node0003 | |
    v_VMartDB_node0004 | |

Creating a network interface and altering the node settings to change the export address takes precedence over creating a subnet and altering the database for import/export.