Requirements for Eon Mode Databases

Backing up and restoring work the same way in Eon Mode as they do when backing up an Enterprise Mode database to S3. Because Eon Mode uses a different architecture, there are some additional requirements.

Configuration Files

You must back up Eon Mode databases to S3. Therefore you must set values for s3_backup_path and s3_backup_file_system_path in the vbr configuration file. A backup path is valid for only one database; you cannot use the same path to store backups for multiple databases.

For more about these parameters, see [S3].

S3 Configuration

In addition to having access to the S3 bucket used for the database's communal storage, you must have access to the S3 backup location. Verify that the credential you use for access to communal storage also has access to the backup location. For more information about configuring S3 access for Vertica, see Configuring Backups to Amazon S3.

While your backup location may be in a different region, backup and restore operations across different S3 regions are incompatible with VPC endpoints.

Database Configuration

When restoring a backup of an Eon Mode database, the restore database must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Share the same name as the backup database.

  • Have the same number of nodes as the backup database.

  • Have the same node names as the nodes of the backup database.

  • Use the same catalog directory location and communal storage location as the backup database.

  • Use the same port numbers as the backup database.

  • For object restore, have the same shard subscriptions. If the shard subscriptions have changed, you cannot do object restores but can do a full restore. Shard subscriptions can change when you add or remove nodes or rebalance your cluster.