Specifies the value of a configuration parameter at the database level, or for a specific node.

Important: Vertica encourages use of ALTER NODE, ALTER DATABASE, and ALTER SESSION statements to set and clear configuration parameters. See Managing Configuration Parameters: VSQL for more information.

Caution: . Vertica is designed to operate with minimal configuration changes, so use this capability sparingly. Carefully follow any documented guidelines for the parameter you wish to configure.


SET_CONFIG_PARAMETER( 'parameter-name', value, ['node-name'])



The parameter value to set. See Configuration Parameters in the Administrator's Guide for a list of supported parameters, their purposes, and usage examples.


The value to set for parameter‑name. Syntax for this argument varies depending upon the parameter and its expected data type. For strings, enclose the argument in single quotes; integer arguments can be unquoted.

If value is specified as NULL, the parameter is cleared.


The name of the node whose parameter value you wish to set.

If you omit this parameter or set it to NULL, the parameter is set at the database level. If a parameter is explicitly set for a node, the node setting supersedes the database-level setting.

Note: Some parameters require restart for the value to take effect.




The following examples show how to use SET_CONFIG_PARAMETER in various situations.

Set a Configuration Parameter at Database Level

Set the AnalyzeRowCountInterval parameter to 3600 at the database level:

=> SELECT SET_CONFIG_PARAMETER ('AnalyzeRowCountInterval',3600);

Find Details on All Configuration Parameters

Find all configuration parameters and information about them, including their current and default values:


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