Nice Limits Configuration

The Vertica system user (dbadmin by default) must be able to raise and lower the priority of Vertica processes. To do this, the nice option in the /etc/security/limits.conf file must include an entry for the dbadmin user. The installer reports this issue with the identifier: S0010.

The installer automatically configures the correct setting if the default value does not meet system requirements. If there is an issue setting this value, or you have used the --no-system-configuration argument to the installer and the current setting is incorrect, then the installer reports this as an issue.

Note: Vertica never raises priority above the default level of 0. However, Vertica does lower the priority of certain Vertica threads and needs to able to raise the priority of these threads back up to the default level. This setting allows Vertica to raise the priorities back to the default level.

All Systems

To set the Nice Limit configuration for the dbadmin user, edit /etc/security/limits.conf and add the following line. Replace dbadmin with the name of your system user.

dbadmin -       nice    0