System Max Open Files Limit

This topic details how to modify the limit for the number of open files on your system so that it meets Vertica requirements. The installer reports this issue with the identifier: S0120.

Vertica opens many files. Some platforms have global limits on the number of open files. The open file limit must be set sufficiently high so as not to interfere with database operations.

The recommended value is at least the amount of memory in MB, but not less than 65536.

The installer automatically configures the correct setting if the default value does not meet system requirements. If there is an issue setting this value, or you have used the --no-system-configuration argument to the installer and the current setting is incorrect, then the installer reports this as an issue.

All Systems

To manually set the open file limit:

  1. Run /sbin/sysctl fs.file-max to determine the current limit.
  2. If the limit is not 65536 or the amount of system memory in MB (whichever is higher), then edit or add fs.file-max=max number of files to /etc/sysctl.conf.
  3. # Controls the maximum number of open files
  4. Run sysctl -p to apply the changes in sysctl.conf immediately.

Note: These steps will need to be replicated for each node in the cluster.