User Process Limit

This topic details how to change the user process limit so that it meets Vertica requirements.The installer reports this issue with the identifier: S0110.

The installer automatically configures the correct setting if the default value does not meet system requirements. If there is an issue setting this value, or you have used the --no-system-configuration argument to the installer and the current setting is incorrect, then the installer reports this as an issue.

The user process limit must be high enough to allow for the many threads opened by Vertica. The recommended limit is the amount of RAM in MB and must be at least 1024.

All Systems

To manually set the user process limit:

  1. Run ulimit -u as the dbadmin user to determine the current limit.
  2. If the limit is not the amount of memory in MB on the server, then edit/add the following line to /etc/security/limits.conf. Replace 4096 with the amount of system memory, in MB, on the server.
dbadmin -       nproc     4096