Contains information about a Database Designer design. After you create a design and specify certain parameters for Database Designer, DESIGNER_CREATE_DESIGN creates this table in the V_MONITOR schema.

Column Name Column Type Description
DESIGN_ID INTEGER Unique ID that Database Designer assigns to this design.
DESIGN_NAME VARCHAR Name that the user specifies for the design.
KSAFETY_LEVEL INTEGER K-safety level for the design. Database Designer assigns a K-safety value of 0 for clusters with 1 or 2 nodes, and assigns a value of 1 for clusters with 3 or more nodes.

Name of the optimization objective for the design. Valid values are:

  • LOAD
  • BALANCED (default)

Name of the design type. Valid values are:

  • COMPREHENSIVE (default)
PROPOSE_SUPER_FIRST BOOLEAN Specifies to propose superprojections before projections, by default f. If DESIGN_MODE is COMPREHENSIVE, this field has no impact.
DESIGN_AVAILABLE BOOLEAN t if the design is currently available, otherwise, f (default).
COLLECTED_STATISTICS BOOLEAN t if statistics are to be collected when creating the design, otherwise, f (default).
POPULATE_DESIGN_TABLES_FROM_QUERIES BOOLEAN t if you want to populate the design tables from the design queries, otherwise, f (default).
ENCODING_DESIGN BOOLEAN t if the design is an encoding optimization design on pre-existing projections, otherwise, f (default).
DEPLOYMENT_PARALLELISM INTEGER Number of tables to be deployed in parallel when the design is complete. Default: 0
UNSEGMENTED_PROJECTIONS BOOLEAN t if you specify unsegmented projections, otherwise, f (default).

Specifies how Database Designer should handle existing column correlations in a design and whether or not Database Designer should reanalyze existing column correlations.

  • 0: (default) Ignore column correlations when creating the design.
  • 1: Consider the existing correlations in the tables when creating the design.
  • 2: Analyze column correlations if not previously performed, and consider the column correlations when creating the design.
  • 3: Analyze all column correlations in the tables and consider them when creating the design, even if they have been analyzed previously.