Setting Node Type

When you create a node, Vertica automatically sets its type to PERMANENT. This enables Vertica to use this node to store data. You can change a node's type with ALTER NODE, to one of the following:

  • PERMANENT: (default): A node that stores data.
  • EPHEMERAL: A node that is in transition from one type to another—typically, from PERMANENT to either STANDBY or EXECUTE.
  • STANDBY: A node that is reserved to replace any node when it goes down. A standby node stores no segments or data until it is called to replace a down node. When used as a replacement node, Vertica changes its type to PERMANENT. For more information, see Active Standby Nodes.
  • EXECUTE: A node that is reserved for computation purposes only. An execute node contains no segments or data.

STANDBY and EXECUTE node types are supported only in Enterprise Mode.