Vertica Partner QuickStart for Tableau: Ticket Tracking

The Vertica Partner QuickStart for Tableau is a sample application that tracks Support tickets. The QuickStart is powered by Vertica. The Tableau workbook and the data were created by Tableau.


The Vertica QuickStart for Tableau is a sample business intelligence application implemented as a set of Tableau dashboards powered by the Vertica Analytic Database. The dashboards present sample ticket tracking data for analysis by a Support team. The QuickStart shows how you can use Vertica and Tableau to quickly explore, visualize, and gain insight to the data stored in Vertica. The QuickStart is available as a .zip file that contains the Tableau workbook, the ticket tracking data, and setup instructions.

Vertica Partner QuickStarts adapt apps created by our Technology Partners to work with Vertica.

Minimum Requirements

The QuickStart requires a Vertica database server, the Vertica ODBC client driver,Tableau Desktop 10.0 or later, the Support schema, and the TicketTracking table. We have tested the QuickStart using Tableau 10.0 with Vertica 8.0


Vertica Partner QuickStart for Tableau 1.0
1.6 MB
Apr 25, 2017
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Product Compatibility

Vertica Version 7.0.0 Version 8.0.2

Release Notes

Vertica Partner QuickStart for Tableau 1.0