Workshop: Explore Cloud-Optimized Analytics with Vertica in Eon Mode

Posted March 11, 2019 by Paige Roberts, Vertica Open Source Relations Manager

Explore Cloud-Optimized Analytics with Vertica in Eon Mode

Vertica will be offering a 2-day workshop this week, March 13 and 14, in Cambridge, MA, designed to bring Vertica users up-to-speed with Eon Mode.  Eon Mode is a recently released alternative to Vertica Enterprise Mode that provides highly elastic compute on the cloud. Register now, or you’ll miss your chance.

Vertica in Eon mode separates the computational processes from the storage layer of your database. This new architecture enables organizations to provision compute and storage independently. Organization can elastically scale up and down the cloud-based cluster to accommodate workload peaks and troughs.

For example, most retail organizations have to over-provision for the holiday season. Eon Mode allows them to provision for normal workloads but add compute resources to scale the query throughput, accommodating greater user concurrency and response times required for peak periods. The Eon Mode architecture makes the analytic database easier to operate even when compute nodes are down. Node recoveries are rapid, reliable, and predictable. Furthermore, Eon Mode simplifies the process of adding and resizing of cluster nodes with no disruption to users or queries.

This workshop will include hands-on practice as well as take-away materials delivered by experienced field engineers.  If you think that Eon Mode could benefit your organization, we invite you to Register Here.

Learn more about Vertica in Eon Mode.

Register for the Eon Mode workshop in Cambridge, March 13, 14.