What’s New in Vertica 9.0.1?

Posted December 21, 2017 by Soniya Shah, Information Developer

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah.

In Vertica 9.0.1, we introduce new functionality including:

• Eon Mode Beta Updates
• Supported Platform Updates
• Machine Learning Enhancements
• Support for Ranger Integration
• Security Enhancements
• Backup, Restore and Recovery Updates

Eon Mode Beta Updates

In Vertica 9.0, we introduced Eon Mode Beta, making it easy to manage separation of compute and storage. With this release, Eon Mode Beta has become more stable, faster, and more cost-effective. With Eon Mode Beta, your query performance increases as nodes are added to the cluster.

Enhancements in this release include:

• Further reduction of AWS infrastructure costs using MC provisioning to label AWS instances
• Ability to add and remove columns from tables
• Using admintools to create a database in Eon Mode

For more information, see Using Eon Mode Beta in the Vertica documentation.

Supported Platforms Updates

In each Vertica release, we try to expand our list of supported platforms. In this release we support the following:

• Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0, 7.4
• CentOS versions 6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0, 7.4
• SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Version 12 SP2
• Amazon Linux 2017.09
• Oracle Enterprise Linux versions 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.3
• Debian Linux versions 7.6, 7.7, 8.5, 8.9
• Ubuntu Version 14.04 LTS

Note that we are phasing out support for Vertica on the following:

• SUSE Enterprise Linux Server Version 11.0 SP3
• Apache Spark Version 1.6
• Scala 2.10

For a more comprehensive list of changes, see Vertica 9.0.x Supported Platforms.

Machine Learning Enhancements

In this release we’ve added the following to make machine learning in Vertica easier to use:

• Support for random forest for regression to predict numerical values.
• The ability to upgrade models from a previous version, using the UPGRADE_MODEL function.
• A new categorical summary function named SUMMARIZE_CATCOL to obtain information about the statistical information on categorical columns.
• Extended to support for CROSS_VALIDATE to apply to Naïve Bayes.

Support for Ranger Integration

In this release, we’ve extended support for Apache Ranger service integration for security policies through the HCatalog Connector. With this update, privileges associated with a Hadoop username can govern access control in Vertica. This centralizes security policies to reduce operational burdens.

Security Enhancements

With this release, we’ve added the ability to grant and revoke privileges on system tables, using two new functions. In addition, two new functions also allow users to open and restrict access to system tables for a given session. For more information, see Security and Authentication in the Vertica documentation.

Backup, Restore, and Recovery Updates

Beginning with version 9.0.0-2, Vertica supports object replication and restore to a version up to one minor version later than the current database version. For example, you can replicate or restore objects from a version 9.0.0-2 database to a version 9.0.1 database.

Vertica now supports the use of wildcard characters with object-level backup and restore tasks. Previously, users had to specify every object.

You can also encrypt backups made to Amazon S3. This encryption operates with both S3-Managed keys and KMS-Managed Keys. For more information, see Encrypting Backups to S3.

For a full list of new features, see the New Features Guide and keep a look out for our What’s New in 9.0.1 blog post series! For the latest download of Vertica, click here.