What’s New in Management Console 8.1.1

Posted July 20, 2017 by Lisa Donaghue

Vertica 8.1.1 introduces the ability to run SQL queries on your database through a browser. Management Console (MC) now also highlights new features and Vertica resources when you upgrade, and improves the resources and look and feel of the contextual help.

Query the Database Using MC

You can now use the Query Runner tool in Management Console to run ad hoc queries, upload a SQL script, or run saved queries. Vertica returns the results in a spreadsheet-like view that you can sort and search without leaving your browser.

With the Query Runner, you can also get the plan and profile for any query you run, access a history of the last 100 queries you’ve run on that database, and export any query results you get.

This tool can particularly come in handy if you’re using Vertica in the cloud. With the Query Runner in MC, you can start querying your database right away without having to configure client drivers or SSH connections.

Explore New Features After Upgrade

When you upgrade Vertica, MC now invites you to explore the new features in Vertica when you first log in. This notifications provides a list of the newest features you’ll find in Vertica, as well as what’s been deprecated, and provides pointers to resources like the Vertica YouTube channel for new features highlights and video tutorials.

Improved Contextual Help

The contextual help in MC now has a new look and feel, and provides a new menu you can use to navigate to online documentation, Vertica video tutorials, and the Vertica forum. You can click the question mark icon at the top right of any page in MC to view contextual help.