Vertica Wins the Gold in Bloor Market Update

Posted May 3, 2022 by Jeff Healey, Vice President of Marketing, Vertica Product Group in Micro Focus

Know Your Options for Analytical Databases and Data Warehouses

For CDOs and CIOs, there have never been more options to choose from when deciding where to run their analytical workloads. Analytical databases and data warehouses are two popular options – with the data warehouse market experiencing 10% annual growth and many new entrants* – particularly for organizations to run their business-critical SQL-based analytical workloads.

So, how do they choose?

Bloor Research, an independent research and analyst house, helps businesses understand the potential offered by these technologies and others, so that companies can choose the optimal solutions to meet their needs. In this year’s Bloor Market Update – Options for Analytical Databases and Data Warehouses – Bloor Research awarded Vertica the Gold Mutable Award after evaluating 13 vendors on the following evaluation criteria, as well as by conducting interviews and performing additional product research:

  • Vendor stability and risk
  • Vendor support and location
  • How fit for purpose is the product in question
  • Ease of use of product
  • Product Performance
  • Product Architecture
  • Value for money
  • Clarity of the marketing story
  • Level of innovation
  • Level of market disruption
  • Market adoption
  • Market results

Much of the investment in the data warehouse space is attributed to marketing and sales, leading some vendors to lead with some outlandish claims in an attempt to win business at any cost. For this reason, Bloor Research advises that “careful testing of claims and taking up customer references is vital, and a consultation with an independent expert in the field to guide them through the smoke and mirrors of vendor claims can provide an excellent investment.”

In the accompanying Bloor InBrief for Vertica, Bloor Research scored Vertica with four and four plus stars for the following capabilities:

  • Performance
  • Architecture
  • Ease of use and administration
  • Data science support
  • Geospatial and datatype support

With the increasing popularity of “data lakehouses,” organizations are also seeking vendors that offer a high-performance, scalable analytical database that not only runs analytical workloads but can handle data science workloads and derive greater investments from data lakes. Bloor appreciates that “Vertica can be deployed as a data warehouse, as a SQL engine, and/or as a federation engine spanning multiple (types of) data stores. Another major strength is the in-database analytics and the depth of support for machine learning.”

Get your copies of Bloor Research’s “Data Warehouse Market Update,” and the “Vertica InBrief” and learn more.

In addition to reading these research reports as a step in choosing the vendor that works for your business needs, we recommend taking Bloor Research’s advice of validating vendor claims. To do so, join us a Vertica Unify 2022 and hear the success stories from The Trade Desk, Mass Mutual, and C Spire.

* – Bloor Research Market Update – Options for Analytical Databases and Data Warehouses