Vertica Wins at Strata Data Conference

Posted September 14, 2018 by Soniya Shah, Information Developer

We all love to win and it’s even better when Vertica and our customers win! Earlier this week at the Strata Conference in New York City, our customer Cerner won the “Most Innovative Product” award – a product that is powered by Vertica!

Cerner is a leading supplier of health information technology solutions and services. Its solutions optimize process for health care organizations ranging from single-doctor practices to entire countries. Cerner solutions are licensed by more than 25,000 provider facilities across 40 countries worldwide.

Cerner was initially challenged by the sheer amount of data that needed to be ingested and analyzed in their data warehouse. Cerner Corporation’s Millennium solution platform provides leading Electronic Health Records for health care providers. Cerner’s goal was to capture clickstream data from the Millennium platform to ensure that health care providers have optimized processes to speed the delivery of care and eliminate waste and error.

They can use the analysis in scenarios where a setting was changed and led to an incident to go back and audit the client base to ensure something similar does not happen again. The result: proactive performance management of Cerner’s patient-centric health care solutions, which ultimately translates to improved health care delivery, better outcomes, and healthier, happier patients. Exactly what health care providers, and Cerner, hope to achieve.

The Strata Data Awards recognize innovative startups, leaders, and data science projections from Strata sponsors and exhibitors. We’re so proud to be a part of the world’s largest data conference series!