Vertica 10 SP1 Takes Data Analytics to the Next Level

Posted September 21, 2020 by Kevin Xu, Information Developer

Taking data analytics to the next level

The first service pack for Vertica 10 brings even more incredible new features to the most flexible and scalable data analytics warehouse on the market.

In our on-going commitment to providing a unique combination of stability, usability, and performance, the highlights of this update include improvements to loading and parsing data, increasingly robust machine learning model management, more flexible backup solutions, additional operations on complex types, and more options for Enterprise-to-Eon migration.

Expanded Support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
The biggest news is that you can now use Vertica by the Hour on Google Cloud. Hourly licenses are now supported. Naturally dynamic and financially scalable, hourly licenses let you leverage the analytical power of Vertica quickly and easily without breaking the bank.

You can also use the Management Console visual interface to quickly and easily manage sub-clusters and nodes on GCP.

Some other cool things you can do with Vertica 10.0.1:

Deploy with Confidence

  • Fenced Mode for UDL C++ functions – Run user-defined load functions without fear. Fenced mode isolates the Vertica process from your UDx operations.
  • In-Database Key and Certificate Management – You can now import, generate, and manage your keys and certificates – all from inside Vertica.
  • Integrity Checking for PMML Models – Vertica now performs integrity checks on your PMML models on export so you can be sure of their reliability before using them on other systems.

Manage with Precision

  • On-Premise S3 Backups for Enterprise Mode – More options, less vendor-dependency. Back up your Enterprise Mode database to Pure Storage FlashBlade or any other on-premises destination that supports the S3 protocol.
  • Migration from Vertica in Enterprise Mode to Vertica in Eon Mode on HDFS – Easily migrate your Vertica in Enterprise Mode database to a Vertica in Eon Mode on HDFS database.
  • Subcluster-level Resource Allocation – Take control of your Vertica in Eon Mode database and manage your resource pools at the subcluster-level.

Put Complex Data Types to Work

  • Casting Collections – Cast elements of ARRAYS and SETS, and perform explicit casts between the two collection types.
  • Querying, Comparing, and Ordering Collections – ARRAYS and SETS can now be compared through queries or comparison operators.
  • Using Structs in Views – Incorporate structs and their fields into views and subqueries.

For a full list of the features in Vertica 10.0.1, see the Vertica documentation.