Vertica Receives High Rankings in All Four Data Warehouse Use Cases in Gartner Critical Capabilities for Data Management Solutions for Analytics Report

Posted March 25, 2019 by Jeff Healey, Vice President of Marketing, Vertica Product Group in Micro Focus

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This week, Gartner published its Critical Capabilities for Data Management Solutions for Analytics (DMSA) report. This research scores 19 vendors in the Data Management Solutions market based on four primary data warehouse use cases: Traditional Data Warehouse, Real-Time Data Warehouse, Logical Data Warehouse, and Context-Independent Data Warehouse.

Vertica increased its rankings from 2018 in all four data warehouse categories and convincingly outranked Snowflake and Amazon Redshift for each use case, as well.

In the report, Gartner praises Vertica: “Vertica met requirements for all four DMSA use cases, and was ranked in the top eight for all use cases. This reflects one of the major trends in the DMSA market this year: rediscovery. End users are using traditional technologies in order to meet their DMSA requirements rather than utilizing an additional vendor, and Vertica’s strong capabilities here as a columnar MPP relational database are well-showcased.”

Clouds and the Growing Importance of the Logical Data Warehouse

While Gartner notes that Database Platforms as a Service (dbPaaS) are still trending in the market, they are no longer as disruptive, particularly as traditional vendors have bolstered their cloud capabilities. Vertica in Eon Mode is evidence of that. Vertica in Eon Mode delivers a Big Data cloud-optimized architecture that enables you to easily scale up and down, isolate workloads, and optimize infrastructure costs without the risks, restrictions and added expense from managed services.

With data silos and evolving data formats, data-driven organizations are putting more emphasis on data analytical platforms that are open and flexible enough to analyze data where it resides without copying or moving the data. The use case to address this need is the Logical Data Warehouse, which, according to Gartner, is defined as one where the DMSA acts as a logical tier to a variety of data sources. It manages data variety and volume for structured and other content data types.

Vertica received its highest ranking – a ranking of 5 out of 19 vendors — for the Logical Data Warehouse use case. Why? Because customers trust Vertica to remain forever free from underlying infrastructure. Specifically, Vertica supports multiple storage architectures, including Hadoop’s HDFS storage, and cloud object stores, as well as native support for file formats such as Parquet and ORC. And, Vertica can be deployed on-premises, as a VM, on HDFS, and on all three major clouds. The choice is yours.

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