Vertica now available as a managed service from Full 360

Posted November 11, 2020 by Mike Perrow, Senior Product Marketing Writer/Editor

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The Vertica partner ecosystem is steadily growing, with a rich assortment of partners who provide help with implementation, professional services, and value added reselling. This means that if you’re new to Vertica, or working to create your own data platform for the first time, you’ll find the right expertise within our ecosystem.

Now, we’re happy to report that Full 360 provides a managed service for Vertica and AWS users, called “ElasticDW.” Full 360 has taken their experience with Vertica and AWS over the past seven years, and built a self-service cluster management system that uses the best practices the company has been delivering to its customers over the years.

Recently, Full 360 posted a series of YouTube videos explaining the managed service, which I encourage you to view. These videos take you through the process of signing up, configuration, and more, explaining details of the command line interface (CLI) and infrastructure as code using Terraform.

“Data Warehouse as a Service” is quickly becoming a popular option for several important reasons, which I’d like to explain.

Add Vertica analytics to your business capabilities – fast!

Are you looking to jumpstart your data analytics platform? The ElasticDW service offers a quick solution. Vertica is a robust and proven enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that has a long affiliation with AWS cloud. All your team needs to do is register with Full 360, and perform a few easy configuration steps to get started.

ElasticDW allows you to create multiple environments for development, production, regions, etc., and you can create as many clusters in any environment, as needed. Unlike many other DWaaS offerings on the market, ElasticDW can spin up your environment in your own AWS account, giving you control over your data.

Ease of data platform management

The simple forms-based interface in ElasticDW makes it easy to manage licenses, Vertica deployment modes (e.g., Eon Mode or Enterprise Mode), Vertica versioning (going back to v 8), and cluster configurations. In the same UI, you have access to the admin tools, including the CLI.

As an AWS user, you can use the AWS Console to view the infrastructure created by ElasticDW, including the cluster nodes, Vertica logs, alarms, status checks, security, and more.

Simple step-by-step process for big data novices

The essential processes involved in getting a successful data platform up and running can be daunting for those just starting their big data journey. Comprehending data endpoints, ingestion, transformation, reporting, and a host of other procedures is critical, and can seem like the territory only experts can navigate. As shown in the new video series, Full 360’s ElasticDW service not only helps make these processes simpler to understand, it also helps you take fuller advantage of each process sooner.

If you are trying to get started with AWS and Vertica, it’s nice to have someone with an analytics practice to show you the ropes.

Even better at Scale

For more sophisticated data platform needs, the “as-a-service” model simplifies meeting service level agreements, reduces the overhead to manage, patch, upgrade the Vertica infrastructure, and provides advanced capabilities for autoscaling and subcluster management.

Full 360 can help you navigate all your Vertica connections, and get you the answers you need from your data quickly. They’re ready to talk to you today. Schedule a demo today.

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The expertise you can find across the full ecosystem of Vertica partners is broad and deep. Whether you need to find a big data consultant, or you’re looking for focused guidance in anything from performance management to expanding your supply chain with new technologies, you’ll find it in the categories here.

The Vertica team collaborates with a vast network of systems integrators and resellers. Whether you need a partner with deep implementation and analytics expertise, a services provider who can optimize your analytics practice, or a procurement partner who can manage your contracts with one or more vendors, our channel and alliance partners can deliver.

Vertica features an open architecture with broad and deep technology integrations, so you can build the most effective analytics platform, or seamlessly fit Vertica into your existing ecosystem.

Innovation doesn’t happen in a silo, and we are happy to continually enhance the power of the Vertica ecosystem to help you and all of our customers succeed.