Vertica Intern Shares His Experience

Posted October 23, 2018 by Phil Molea, Sr. Information Developer, Vertica

teammates looking at analytical data
Devosh Mathivanan authored this post. Hi, my name is Devosh Mathivanan currently working towards my Masters in Computer Science at Boston University. Though I don’t concentrate on any specialized area at school, I am very interested in Database and Infrastructure Engineering. Looking to take advantage of this interest, I recently completed my summer internship at Vertica. To fully share my internship experience at Vertica, it would only be right to start with the job interview. You heard that right, my great experience began before I even got the job. During an interview, the one thing almost everyone shares is a little anxiety. And I was a bit anxious when arriving at my interview. This all changed in a few minutes. The environment was so friendly that I felt like I was in the middle of a technical discussion with teammates I have known a long time. That was one of the biggest factors that made me choose Vertica for my internship. After all, the first impression is the best impression, right? Every student strives to impress the employer so that they can convert their internship into a full-time position. At Vertica, the feeling is mutual. Vertica tries to impress the interns and strongly wishes to retain them. Vertica proves this by allowing the intern to have input on selecting the projects on which they well be working. I was able to choose among a variety of projects and was totally blown away by that gesture. In addition, I was given complete ownership of my project. However, I had the help of an experienced and cordial mentor who kindly ushered me through my errors. But the wonders didn’t stop there. I haven’t heard of companies allowing their interns work from home, as the interns may need some guidance on day-to-day activities. Though an intern, I was able to enjoy most of the benefits of regular employees, including working from home. Vertica was a really fun place to work with tons of challenges. But don’t worry, you have access to a lot of highly talented, friendly people to help you around the clock. Whether participating in a fun activity or a challenge at work, your Vertica colleagues always have your back. Last, but certainly not least, comes my final presentation at the end of my internship. My manager and mentor spent their entire day to prepare me for the presentation. It’s almost like parents helping out their kindergarten kid to perform well in school. Of course everyone wants their interns to steal the show; but receiving guidance to make each and every presentation slide a masterpiece? That’s some serious team members watching your back. As a place to learn and grow as an engineer, you cannot beat Vertica. It’s a great place to begin your career especially, if you are a student and a little anxious about choosing your first job after college.