Vertica Goes to UMass Amherst

Posted November 14, 2016 by Chana Zolty

A few weeks ago, my coworker Ankita and I visited our alma mater, UMass Amherst, for their Engineering and Technology Career Fair. We picked up our alumni badges, set up our table, and were ready to go.

Our snazzy booth drew hundreds of students

We gathered resumes and spoke to students about their interest in working for Vertica. Though many seemed initially interested primarily by our recognizable branding, our descriptions of the potential job placements got the students really excited–and the cool pens and t-shirts certainly didn’?t hurt!

One reason we drew such a huge crowd was because our internship program clearly beat out many of the intern offerings of our neighboring competing companies. Many students attending the fair (over 1,700 of them overall) expressed interest in a summer position before returning to college. We explained how our interns have the opportunity to work on day-to-day tasks vital to the running of our company while also working with students from other disciplines to come up with and produce a final project. I didn?t intern at Vertica, but I wish I did–?instead of getting coffee or doing busy work, our interns are given the resources and assistance to create, from start to finish, a software project they decide on and design.

Ankita and I each collected around 200-300 resumes for positions ranging from software engineer to technical writer, and the accomplishments listed on these resumes truly impressed me. We?re always searching for excited, creative minds here at Vertica, and I?m happy to say that Ankita and I met many students that fit the bill. Students asked us bright and insightful questions which really gave us the opportunity to speak to our great corporate atmosphere, wonderful people, and commitment to action and innovation.

Chana and Ankita at the booth at the UMass Engineering & Tech Fair

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