Vertica and Amazon – Better Together, for Years

Posted October 23, 2019 by Jeff Healey, Vice President of Marketing, Vertica Product Group in Micro Focus

Vertica and Amazon logos

The year was 2012. Marvel’s The Avengers hit the box office. Facebook went public. NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on the surface of Mars. And, the Vertica AMI (Amazon Machine Image) made its debut on AWS Marketplace, enabling data-driven organizations to easily deploy Vertica on the Amazon cloud and start accelerating their analytics.

Running Vertica on Amazon is one of many industry-first achievements – from introducing the first commercially available columnar analytical database to market to, most recently, delivering the only analytical database solution with a separation of compute and storage architecture on-premises with Pure Storage.

Despite the buzz and questions around data warehouse as a service and competing analytical databases, Vertica and Amazon have made many advancements to further this partnership, including the introduction of Vertica in Eon Mode on AWS to address dynamic workloads with a cloud-optimized architecture. As a result, more and more customers have chosen to deploy Vertica on AWS, including The Climate Corporation, hMetrix, and Philips, among many others.

Our customers also appreciate the deeper integration with the primary technologies of the AWS ecosystem, such as analyzing data stored in AWS S3 in Parquet or ORC formats, backup and recovery to S3, support for Amazon Linux 2, and more.

The partnership has gone so well that Amazon just recognized Vertica as an AWS Data & Analytics Competency Partner. To learn more about Vertica’s latest innovations on the AWS cloud, register for this month’s Webcast, Grow Your Opportunity by Partnering with Amazon Linux.

And stay tuned for many more years of industry-firsts.


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