Vertica Achieves Top Spot in GigaOm Radar Report for Evaluating Data Warehouse Platforms

Posted April 24, 2020 by Jeff Healey, Vice President of Marketing, Vertica Product Group in Micro Focus

King of the Data Warehouse Mountain

GigaOm, a leading and trusted technology research firm with analysts evaluating and covering a range of technologies and solutions, published its GigaOm Radar for Evaluating Data Warehouse Platform. In the report, Vertica secured the top spot, scoring consistently high rankings across the key criteria and evaluation metrics compared to 12 top competitors in the GigaOm Radar.

Note that vendors that appear “closer to the center is better,” and Vertica landed near the center of the radar. GigaOm placed Vertica in the “Leaders” circle, which shows the progression of the placement (from the dot to the directional arrow) even closer to the center, based on current and future capabilities to meet key evaluation criteria.

GigaOm 2020 Radar Data Warehouse Platforms

We have licensed both of these reports to assist you in your evaluation of data warehouses:

Additional Vertica Highlights in the Reports

In addition to the key criteria comparison and visual, the radar report includes detailed vendor profiles. Vertica, specifically, is commended for:

  • Concurrent loading and query performance – “The platform offers excellent concurrent loading and querying performance over massive data sets and a columnar data store…”
  • Advanced Analytics and In-Database Machine Learning – “Building on the native analytics capabilities, the platform offers tight integration with the data science workflow by offering in-database ML capabilities. Functions for data prepping, model training and testing, prediction, performance evaluation and management are all well-thought-out and presented.”
  • Broadest Deployment Options – “Deployment options are some of the most flexible in the industry.”
  • Prepared for Future Growth – “These characteristics have helped it gain a foothold in a variety of large enterprises and should continue to serve its clients well as the market continues to evolve. We also anticipate additional growth as migration from on premises hardware platforms such as Netezza continues.”

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