Announcing Vertica 9.3 Instructor-Led Training Courses

Posted November 21, 2019 by Drea Brandford, Technical Consultant

Just in time for the release of version 9.3, Vertica is pleased to announce the release of two updated instructor-led training courses: Vertica 9.3 Essentials and Vertica 9.3 Descriptive Analytics. A description of each course follows:

Vertica 9.3 Essentials

This 4-day course explores the capabilities of the Vertica platform solution in Enterprise mode, and prepares you to manage the operational success of your deployment. It also includes embedded and linked videos that compare the relevant functionality in Eon mode, available from the Micro Focus Learning Channel.

During this course, you will learn:

  • The architectural elements of a Vertica cluster
  • How to load and manage data in the database
  • How to manage database users and resources
  • How to back up and restore the database
  • Introductory information about Vertica’s built-in analytic functions
  • How to work with semi-structured data
  • Database security environment concerns

Vertica 9.3 Descriptive Analytics

This 2-day course provides an overview of the standard SQL aggregate and analytic functions, as well as a comprehensive introduction to the Vertica-specific extensions to SQL.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between aggregate and analytic tasks
  • Group data using aggregate functions
  • Use the SQL OVER() clause to perform analytic functions
  • Use the Vertica-specific SQL extensions to:
    • Perform conditional analysis on data
    • Interpolate the missing values in a data set
    • Work with data in specified time slices
    • Find patterns in your data

Both courses combine lectures with hands-on laboratory exercises performed in a live Vertica database cluster. And they are both available for in-person or virtual delivery, as both private and public offerings.

To register for these courses, visit the full list of Vertica training offerings in the course registration system. If you have specific questions or concerns, contact the training coordination team in your region:

Asia Pacific:

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