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Posted June 9, 2020 by Jeff Healey, Vice President of Marketing, Vertica Product Group in Micro Focus

A man and woman looking under the hood

Our Under the Hood Webcast series builds on the engineering-led sessions that our product and R&D teams deliver at our annual Vertica Big Data Conference. You can tune in nearly every month and get a deep dive of Vertica features and releases through this popular series.

Last month, Vertica R&D covered one of our most popular topics these days – A Clear Path to Vertica in Eon Mode.

If you are considering a migration from Vertica in Enterprise Mode or spinning up new variable workloads on-prem (via our support for Pure Storage FlashBlade, MinIO, and now Hadoop communal storage), in the clouds (AWS and now Google Cloud Platform), or even as hybrid deployments, you will find great value in this recorded Webcast.

Vertica head of R&D Stephen Walkauksas and engineer Ian Lee addressed a full range of topics, such as:

  • Vertica in Enterprise Mode vs. Vertica in Eon Mode
  • Rapid node recovery
  • Defining subclusters for workload isolation
  • Hybrid cloud deployments and migrating to Vertica in Eon Mode
  • Backup/restore and more

The webcast concluded with a step-by-step explanation of how the new migration tool in Vertica 10 makes it easy to migrate from Vertica in Enterprise Mode to Vertica in Eon Mode. It transfers data from a Vertica in Enterprise Mode database to an S3 bucket and revives the new Eon Mode database.

As always, we received lots of insightful questions and a really nice compliment from a customer for our product team:

“The migration tool sounds REALLY awesome! We want to get to Eon Mode, and the fact that you built this tool so well, with resume from deltas, etc., it shows you are really listening to your existing customers’ needs and helping us get to the next great set of features from Vertica. THANK YOU.”

Last week, Mark Lyons, Vertica’s head of product management, and I provided an overview of What’s New in Vertica 10. Announced at the Vertica Big Data Conference 2020, Vertica 10 is a major new version of the unified analytics warehouse that more and more data-driven organizations rely on to derive valuable and actionable insights from the largest volumes of data at extreme scale.

Mark went deep in describing the use cases behind and reasons why we developed these top features in Vertica 10, including:

  • Vertica in Eon Mode support for Google Cloud Platform and HDFS communal storage
  • Operationalizing machine learning at scale with PMML and TensorFlow integration
  • Analyzing Complex Data Types to open SQL-based analytics to new use cases
  • Next-Generation Database Designer for improved operations and ease of use
  • Many more enhancements

You’ll also want to check out this recorded webcast to get a glimpse into the potential future developments of the Vertica Analytics Platform – from massive performance improvements to optimization and automation in the Management Console.

And, don’t forget to tune in for our next live Under the Hood Webcast – How Modern Infrastructure Accelerates Time to Insights with Vertica. We’ll add more each month, so keep an eye out for the latest Webinar topics and other announcements in our monthly newsletter.


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