Tips and Techniques for Vertica Integration with Denodo

Posted May 12, 2020 by Amrita Akshay, Information Developer

Denodo is a data federation tool that integrates data from various data sources including enterprise, big data, cloud, and real-time data services. It enables you to quickly and easily access data through reports, dashboards, mobile, and web applications for analytical and operational use cases.
Denodo already has an integration with Vertica. It leverages Vertica’s query processing and analytic capabilities by using pushdown optimization.

In the current Denodo architecture, Denodo server does push down processing to other data sources. However, it first retrieves data from disparate sources and performs a Join and other required processing in the Denodo server without caching. This requires a lot of system resources. Since Vertica has a more powerful processing capability, you can push the Join and other processing to Vertica and observe significant performance improvements. We recommend configuring Vertica as a cache. For more information about using Vertica as the cache and the different cache modes, see Vertica Integration with Denodo: Tips and Techniques.

To quickly connect Vertica to Denodo, see Vertica Integration with Denodo: Connection Guide