Technology Partnership with Jaguar Racing to Deliver Vertica Analytics at Jaguar Speed

Posted February 18, 2021 by Jeff Healey, Senior Director, Vertica Product Marketing at Micro Focus

Jaguar Racing announced that it has partnered with Micro Focus, ahead of season seven of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Joining as the team’s official digital transformation, business resiliency, and analytics partner, Micro Focus will provide support to Jaguar Racing’s push for more points, podiums, and wins on the racetrack.

Vertica plays a major role in this partnership by delivering the high-performance advanced analytics and machine learning to ensure the Jaguar team performs at top speed for winning results. When you consider the vast amount of sensor data, weather data, environmental data, and so much more, real-time and predictive analytics will give Jaguar a strong competitive advantage.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to reveal Micro Focus – a world-leading software provider – are joining Jaguar Racing for season seven of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship,” says James Barclay, Jaguar Racing Team Director. “With their specialist software knowledge, we are excited to work together and achieve great results on track. We are only days out from the lights going green on the first race of the championship and we are eager to achieve success together.”

While the technology partnership was just announced, Vertica has already been working directly with the Jaguar analytics team to identify ways to improve performance and scale its analytics environment. Early findings demonstrate that Vertica can run queries in fractions of a second on the full data set – no down sampling – as compared to queries that are currently running on aggregated, down-sampled, single-event data and taking many minutes. That’s analytics at Jaguar speed!

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