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Setting Variables on the VSQL Command Line: Quick Tip

Jim Knicely authored this post. The vsql client provides variable substitution features similar to common Linux command shells. Variables are name/value pairs, where the value can be a string of any length. The -v, --variable, and --set options can be used to set a variables value from the command line. Example: The following simple SQL...

Exiting a vsql Script Following an Error: Quick Tip

Jim Knicely authored this tip. By default, if a vsql script command results in an error, for example, because of a malformed command or invalid data format, processing continues. If you set ON_ERROR_STOP to “on” in a vsql script and an error occurs during processing, the script terminates immediately. dbadmin=> CREATE TABLE tbl1_temp (pkid INT);...
Visual Storytelling with SQL

Pure Vertica SQL Graph Flavors

The art and science of the best sales conversation is “Visual story telling”. This document shows how Vertica VSQL alone can visualize query results in color and graphics. The idea presented is to provide dynamic visuals, based only on Vertica VSQL built-in capabilities. All the graph examples below were drawn without Bash, Java, Python or...

Installing Vertica SQL on Hadoop

Interested in adding Vertica's analytic capabilities to your Hadoop cluster? Watch this tutorial video to learn how you can install Vertica on Hadoop, giving it faster access to your data!