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How to Quickly Install Vertica on Large Clusters

Vertica 12.0.2 introduces a new feature that allows you to install Vertica in parallel on all hosts rather than one at a time as in earlier releases. This reduces the installation time in large clusters. To use this feature, run the --parallel-no-prompts flag with the install_vertica command. This flag can be used only when passwordless...

It’s All About Timing

Every so often we hear about the seemingly confusing nature of SQL functions that return the “current” time. But what is “current”? Is it the start time of a transaction or statement? Is it the time returned by the system clock? The answer is: all of these, depending on which function you call.

Time Series Analytics: The Hunt for “Missing Link” in Data

Time series analytics is a little-known, but very powerful Vertica tool. In Vertica, the TIMESERIES clause and time series aggregate functions normalize data into time slices. Then they interpolate missing values that fill in the gaps.Using time series analytics is useful when you want to analyze discrete data collected over time, such as stock market...