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Quick Tip: Create “Super Wide” Tables

Starting in Vertica 10.1.0, you can go super wide with up to 9,800 column definitions in a table! Prior to Vertica 10.1.x, tables were limited to 1,600 columns. Example Creating a table with 9,800 columns: Hint: Try to avoid running a SELECT * FROM … a table with 9,800 columns and a trillion+ rows 😊...
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Getting Every Nth Row from a Table (Enhanced)

In a previous Vertica Quick Tip we learned how to query every Nth row from a table when we had a unique ID column having sequential values (that is, from a sequence). See, What if we don’t have a key like that in our table? No problem thanks to the ROW_NUMBER() Analytic Function! Say...

Rebalance a Large Partitioned Table

Your organization is collecting data as fast as your Vertica cluster can store it, so fast that you need to add a few nodes to your cluster. After you add those nodes, Vertica must distribute the data across all the existing and new nodes for best performance. We call this operation rebalancing.