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Query Tuning with Vertica: Dos and Don’ts

This blog post was authored by Eugenia Moreno. Query tuning in Vertica is not an exact science. Recommendations differ based on your database. This document assumes that all nodes in the cluster are UP, your Vertica configuration is ok, and that v*perf tools have been executed. The following diagram shows the query flow in Vertica:...

Understanding Vertica Query Budgets

This blog post was authored by Shrirang Kamat. The purpose of this document is to explain how the query budget of a resource pool used by the query can influence the initial memory acquisition for a query and how it impacts query performance. For more details about how we compute the query budget, see the...

Understanding the Vertica Query Optimizer

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. The Vertica query optimizer uses statistics about the data to create a query plan, which contains a set of operations to compute the requested result. Depending on the properties of the projections defined in your database, the optimizer can choose faster and more efficient operations. This is...