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Vertica and Alteryx Designer

We are very excited to announce our end-to-end analytics of Vertica with Alteryx Designer. You can now process and analyze your entire dataset easily and quickly. Vertica enables you to run your analytics in the database from the models that you create in Alteryx Designer. You can create a predictive model in Alteryx Designer and...
Taking data analytics to the next level

Vertica 10 SP1 Takes Data Analytics to the Next Level

The first service pack for Vertica 10 brings even more incredible new features to the most flexible and scalable data analytics warehouse on the market.
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Tune in for Monthly Vertica Tune-Ups

Our Under the Hood Webcast series builds on the engineering-led sessions that our product and R&D teams deliver at our annual Vertica Big Data Conference. You can tune in nearly every month and get a deep dive of Vertica features and releases through this popular series. Last month, Vertica R&D covered one of our most...