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What’s New in Vertica 9.1?

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. In Vertica 9.1 we introduce new functionality including: • Eon Mode, now available in production environments • Machine Learning Enhancements • Management Console Updates • Voltage SecureData Integration • Python UDTF • AWS Licensing Updates • Security Updates • Upgrade and Installation Changes • S3 Session Parameter...

Using Vertica Machine Learning to Analyze Smart Meter Data

Machine learning and data science have the potential to transform businesses because of their ability to deliver non-obvious, valuable insights from massive amounts of data. However, many data scientist's workflows are hindered by computational constraints, especially when working with very large data sets. While most real-world data science workflows require more than multiple cores on...

How Cisco and Vertica empower high performance analytics for the most demanding workloads

This blog post was authored by Steve Sarsfield. Hadoop and HDFS is capable of storing massive volumes of data, but performing analytics on Hadoop can be challenging. Despite the apparent low-cost cost of Hadoop, it is best suited for data lake and data science solutions, where the number of concurrent analytical users is low. In...

AWS re:Invent 2017

Advanced Analytics Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Major Cloud. Attending AWS re:Invent this year?

CIO Forum – New York

Attending CIO Forum this year? Come see

Introducing Vertica 9

About this webinar: Join us for an exciting and highly informative look at the newest and most powerful release of Vertica. Vertica 9 delivers high-performance in-database machine learning and advanced analytics anywhere, anytime, on any major cloud. This latest release also offers direct querying of Parquet data on AWS S3, support for Google Cloud Platform...

Watch Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics in Action

Watch this video to learn more about the Vertica Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics features new in 7.2