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Every second counts in Jaguar Racing Formula E

Races can be won or lost with fractions of seconds separating first, second, and third. Many factors determine who stands on the podium, awarded with points and champagne, and who returns to the pit on a recovery truck. One factor that plays a critical role in helping Sam or Mitch win that race is optimal...

Don’t take your foot off the electrons

With blazingly fast query performance, and access to 700 in-database functions, Vertica has meant that Jaguar Race Engineers and Strategists have been able to glean important insights into the data and make critical performance adjustments to the powertrain, suspension, steering, braking and power management that were just not possible prior to the introduction of Vertica.

Technology Partnership with Jaguar Racing to Deliver Vertica Analytics at Jaguar Speed

Jaguar Racing announced that it has partnered with Micro Focus, ahead of season seven of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Joining as the team’s official digital transformation, business resiliency, and analytics partner, Micro Focus will provide support to Jaguar Racing’s push for more points, podiums, and wins on the racetrack. Vertica plays a...