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Unlock the Potential of Machine Learning in Vertica with Saagie: Automating your ML Pipeline

Accelerate your data project pipelines with Saagie using Vertica’s in-database machine learning capabilities. Another ML platform that you can now use with Vertica. A win-win situation! Saagie is a Dataops platform that offers various ready-to-use technologies and advanced pipelines that enable you to manage all your data projects through a single interface. Select the technology...
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Monitor your Vertica Metrics in Prometheus Using the New Vertica Prometheus Exporter

Looking to visualize Vertica metrics in your favorite monitoring tool that supports Prometheus? You can now do it with the Vertica Prometheus Exporter! We are happy to announce the Vertica Prometheus Exporter, an open-source project now available on Vertica’s GitHub. The exporter uses the vertica-sql-go driver to connect to Vertica. Prometheus is a monitoring system...
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Unleash the Power of Vertica and Apache Spark Using the Upgraded Spark Connector

This post is authored by Alex Le What is Apache Spark? Apache Spark is a distributed compute engine that provides a robust API for data science, machine learning, or to work with big data. It is fast, scalable, simple, and supports multiple languages, including Python, SQL, Scala, Java, and R. Backed by the Apache 2.0...

Vertica and Apache Airflow Integration

Apache Airflow is an open-source workflow management platform that enables you to program, schedule, and manage complex workflows as Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs). A DAG is a collection of tasks and also shows the relationship between the different tasks. Airflow provides Python class to create the data pipeline (DAGs). Airflow has a full featured web...