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Auditing Flex Tables Quick Tip

The AUDIT_FLEX function returns the estimated ROS size of __raw__ column in a Flex table, equivalent to the export size of the flex data in the audited objects. Note that the AUDIT function returns 0 for a Flex table if no columns in the Flex table have been materialized.
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Take Vertica and Call Me in the Morning

Last night, at 1:37 am, I found myself awake and thinking about . To anyone who knows me, this should come as no surprise. I was thinking about how different Vertica is from so many other players in the market and I realized that we have for years proudly described Vertica as a full ANSI...
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What You Never Knew About Vertica Could Surprise You

I just started working on the Vertica team. As the “new guy,” my first few weeks of work have been largely about cramming as much Vertica information into my brain as possible in the shortest time possible. That’s my favorite part of working in the big data analysis world. You always have to keep learning....

Enter the Flex Zone –– An Exploration in Processing Twitter Data

With our , we announced , a new product offering that simplifies the way that you consume and then explore semi-structured data, such as Web logs, sensor data, and other emerging data types. In this blog post, our first ?Flex Zone Friday? post, let's look at how you can use Vertica Flex Zone to get...