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Viewing External Table Definitions: Quick Tip

An alternative to importing data into Vertica is to query it in place. For that we use external tables. Once an external table is created you can view its definition via the TABLES system table. Helpful Links: Have fun!
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What You Never Knew About Vertica Could Surprise You

I just started working on the Vertica team. As the “new guy,” my first few weeks of work have been largely about cramming as much Vertica information into my brain as possible in the shortest time possible. That’s my favorite part of working in the big data analysis world. You always have to keep learning....

Vertica Quick Tip: Getting Better Performance via External Table Row Counts

This blog post was authored by Jim Knicely. The Vertica optimizer uses its own internal logic to determine whether to join one table to another as an inner or outer input. When joining external tables, you can help out the optimizer immensely by letting it know the exact row counts of those external tables! For...

Vertica Quick Tip: Simulating DML Operations on External Tables

This blog post was authored by Jim Knicely. An external table lets us query a text file that sits outside of the database as if it were a table internal to the database. Unfortunately, there is a limitation on external tables in that normal DML statements (INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) cannot be used on them....