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OpenText Vertica 23.3

OpenText Vertica 23.3 – the Smarter Data Lakehouse

The latest release of the Vertica analytical database, now OpenTextTM VerticaTM  includes a lot of features that Vertica customers have been eagerly awaiting like: Resharding the database as needed Rollback snapshots that capture a moment in time without a whole other data copy Workload routing so you can automate directing specific queries to just the right...

Vertica in Leader’s Circle of GigaOm Radar Report for Data Warehouses

For the second consecutive year, GigaOm has positioned Vertica in the “leader’s circle” of its Radar Report for Data Warehouses. In the report – “a forward-looking analysis that plots the relative value and progression of vendor solutions along multiple axes based on strategy and execution” – GigaOm scored Vertica with all “exceptional” or “capable” ratings...