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Delivering personalized retail promotions using AI and predictive analytics helps retailers leverage customer basket and loyalty data to deliver smart, automated promotional decisions at scale across millions of customers. The solution is fully automated and designed to fit a retailer’s specific business goals (i.e. revenues, profit optimization, customer satisfaction or brand sales). Want to learn more about the solution?
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IOT World 2019 – Backing Up the Buzz

Connected and autonomous vehicles. Smart Cities. Smart Buildings. Predictive maintenance. Lots of robots. This must be IOT World 2019, where more than 12,000 IOT enthusiasts joined at the Santa Clara Convention Center to learn if IOT had “jumped the shark” or if we are just now learning how businesses can ultimately gain advantage from trillions...

5 companies that are using data analytics to transform customer experience

Analyzing customer behavior is becoming a mandate for every business in every industry to understand, engage, and retain customers – with the ultimate goal of increasing lifetime value. By understanding how your customers behave and interact with your organization, you can better serve, and profit, from the interactions. Data is central to this equation in...
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Embedding Vertica Provides SysMech With Unmatched Telco Analytical Power

You probably use Vertica on a daily basis, and don’t even realize it. One good example of this for the Telco industry is SysMech. SysMech offers telecommunications companies a powerful new generation of service management applications. SysMech makes Zen Operational Intelligence Software, which embeds Vertica as its analytical engine. Zen correlates complex data from 75...
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Maxcom Telecomunicaciones Gets More Than They Bargained For With Vertica

Maxcom Telecomunicaciones is a Mexican integrated telecommunications operator providing managed voice and data services. The Mexican federal regulations changed recently, requiring Maxcom to retain call detail record (CDR) data for two years, rather than two months. It also required them to answer queries on that data far faster, sometimes within an hour, any time of...

Brace Yourself: 5G is Coming

Find out how machine learning and predictive analytics can be a growth engine for telcos and mobile operators in the age of 5G

Three Takeaways from Barnes-Jewish Hospital Data Disruptors Webcast

Putting data to good use is an area of growing importance across the entire healthcare delivery value chain – from hospitals and health insurers to medical device manufacturers, EHR software vendors, genomic researchers, fitness tracker manufacturers, and more. In fact, according to the 2018 Predictive Analytics in Healthcare report from the Society of Actuaries, 58%...
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A Perfect Match – and Vertica

If you have ever sought a romantic match in India, chances are you have visited According to the Times of India, 92% of singles in India seek love on matrimony sites.’s flagship brand, BharatMatrimony, alone has more than 4,000 associates serving more than three million active members. But, how does connect singles...

Fast Data Loading with Vertica

Curtis Bennett authored this post. Vertica is well known for its blinding query performance at big data scale, but it can also insert data at very high rates of speed. It can even load data non-stop while being queried, thus enabling real-time analysis of data. Basic Loading Methods There are many ways of loading data...
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vertica-python Becomes Vertica’s First Officially Supported Open Source Database Client

Tom Wall authored this post. We are very excited to announce that vertica-python, the open source python database client for Vertica created by Uber Technologies Inc., will officially become a supported database client for Vertica! This is a great milestone for Vertica and our community of users and developers. Not only do we expect to...