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Vertica and Amazon – Better Together, for Years

The year was 2012. Marvel’s The Avengers hit the box office. Facebook went public. NASA's Curiosity rover landed on the surface of Mars. And, the Vertica AMI (Amazon Machine Image) made its debut on AWS Marketplace, enabling data-driven organizations to easily deploy Vertica on the Amazon cloud and start accelerating their analytics. Running Vertica on...
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Announcing Vertica Version 9.3 – Ride the Winds of Change

The winds of change have been blowing strong. This week, Vertica version 9.3 made its big splash. Vertica has a tendency to pack a lot of features even into minor releases, and this is not a minor release. Rather than dive deep, I’m going to skim the surface of the ocean of new features. Eon...

Introducing an Industry First – Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage

This week at the Pure Accelerate conference, Vertica and Pure Storage announced the availability of Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage, the industry’s first and only analytical database solution with a separation of compute and storage architecture for on-premises analytic workloads. Why is this important to you? The rush to migrate analytic workloads to...
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Vertica Ranked #1 Cloud Data Warehouse

July has been quite an exciting month for Vertica. Our three keynote presenters are now confirmed for the Vertica Big Data Conference 2020 – Vertica founder and Turing Award winner Dr. Michael Stonebraker, kingpin of the famous MIT blackjack team Jeffrey Ma, and renowned analyst Ray Wang of Constellation Research. And, in addition to receiving...
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Is Data Warehouse as a Service Out for Your Blood?

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to watch the popular, yet alarming HBO documentary – The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a true story that centers on Elizabeth Holmes, ex-Theranos CEO, who dropped out of Stanford to build a company that promised to revolutionize blood testing...

How to Access Flexible, Cloud-Optimized Analytics on AWS

Vertica was designed from the very first line of code to be a software-only data warehouse with complete freedom from underlying infrastructure, giving you the choice to decide what hardware to use and where. This commitment to flexibility is evident in our product history, as we took the same core MPP analytics engine from commodity...
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Vertica’s Architectural Direction – Separation of Compute and Storage

For over a decade, Vertica has delivered industry-leading performance on analytic query workloads in on-premises “shared-nothing” environments. Due to several good (and several lucky) historical architectural decisions, Vertica in Eon Mode is also leading the market for elastic, on-demand databases in public clouds. This post will review the key features of the Vertica architecture, and describe Vertica’s...
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Announcing Vertica Version 9.2.1 – Take Analytics Efficiency to the Next Level

This week, some very cool things have gone into the newest version of the Vertica Analytics Platform that make your analytics fly and save on your AWS budget. The theme for this release is Improving Vertica in Eon Mode Integration with Amazon S3, and there are a whole bunch of new features designed to do...
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Big Data – Big Asset or Big Liability

The newly converged Cloudera recently announced its quarterly earnings and the market was very disappointed, resulting in a stock price drop of 42% and a lot of negative media coverage. One headline that stuck out to me read: “Does Cloudera’s Stock Drop Signal the End of Big Data?” I thought, “No, I don’t think Cloudera’s...
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Embedding Vertica Provides SysMech With Unmatched Telco Analytical Power

You probably use Vertica on a daily basis, and don’t even realize it. One good example of this for the Telco industry is SysMech. SysMech offers telecommunications companies a powerful new generation of service management applications. SysMech makes Zen Operational Intelligence Software, which embeds Vertica as its analytical engine. Zen correlates complex data from 75...
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Vertica Receives High Rankings in All Four Data Warehouse Use Cases in Gartner Critical Capabilities for Data Management Solutions for Analytics Report

This week, Gartner published its Critical Capabilities for Data Management Solutions for Analytics (DMSA) report. This research scores 19 vendors in the Data Management Solutions market based on four primary data warehouse use cases: Traditional Data Warehouse, Real-Time Data Warehouse, Logical Data Warehouse, and Context-Independent Data Warehouse. Vertica increased its rankings from 2018 in all...
Explore Cloud-Optimized Analytics with Vertica in Eon Mode

Workshop: Explore Cloud-Optimized Analytics with Vertica in Eon Mode

Vertica will be offering a 2-day workshop this week, March 13 and 14, in Cambridge, MA, designed to bring Vertica users up-to-speed with Eon Mode.  Eon Mode is a recently released alternative to Vertica Enterprise Mode that provides highly elastic compute on the cloud. Register now, or you’ll miss your chance.