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Analytics human interest stories

Making a Difference with Analytics – Inspiring Human Interest Stories

I wake up before the sun rises, head to my home office, parse through the emails that have flowed in overnight, and look at my calendar to prepare for my day. I fill daylight hours with meetings, research, more meetings, writing … and more meetings. Sometimes, it is exhausting and even a little overwhelming. So,...

Let Business Intelligence and Data Science Coexist!

Business intelligence and data science frequently compete for resources, and BI got there first. Vertica in Eon Mode subclusters can help them coexist.
King of the Data Warehouse Mountain

Vertica Achieves Top Spot in GigaOm Radar Report for Evaluating Data Warehouse Platforms

Vertica secured the top spot, scoring consistently high rankings across the key criteria and evaluation metrics compared to 12 top competitors in the GigaOm Radar...
Flight Tracking

Pennard, We Have a Problem – Troubleshooting Flight Tracking with the Grafana Plugin for Vertica

With Vertica’s Management Console, I have everything I need at my fingertips to manage and monitor my Vertica clusters and databases.  Whether that be investigating query performance issues, checking on the health of the cluster’s nodes, running the Database Designer or marveling at the volume of data being ingested by the Vertica Scheduler from a...

Three Takeaways from Barnes-Jewish Hospital Data Disruptors Webcast

Putting data to good use is an area of growing importance across the entire healthcare delivery value chain – from hospitals and health insurers to medical device manufacturers, EHR software vendors, genomic researchers, fitness tracker manufacturers, and more. In fact, according to the 2018 Predictive Analytics in Healthcare report from the Society of Actuaries, 58%...

Resource Management

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. A Vertica database runs on a cluster of hardware. All loads and queries running against the database take up system resources, such as CPU, memory, disk I/O, bandwidth, file handles, and more. Query performance depends on how many resources are allocated to it. In a single-user environment,...
Commercial passenger plane with Vertica painted on the tail

Vertica Wins First Place for Edge-Based Analytics at University of Central Arkansas Raspberry Pi Bakeoff

We had the opportunity to enter our Vertica flight tracking demo at the University of Central Arkansas’s university raspberry pi bakeoff. We won first place, competing against a number of other raspberry pi-based projects! For more information on how to use Vertica to track commercial aircraft in near real time, read Mark Whalley’s blog series...

CAMP IT Business Intelligence / Performance Management Strategies

Attending Camp IT this year? Come see Jeff Healey, Senior Director of Vertica Product Marketing, at 11:30 for his session:

Analytics Everywhere: The Value of Embedding Business Intelligence into Apps

About this webinar Embedded analytics closes the last mile between insights and action. It puts charts, reports, databases, and entire self-service analytical environments inside applications that run your business. Join us on this webcast and learn how embedded analytics can add value to your applications and drive competitive advantage. You will also see real life...