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Resource Management

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. A Vertica database runs on a cluster of hardware. All loads and queries running against the database take up system resources, such as CPU, memory, disk I/O, bandwidth, file handles, and more. Query performance depends on how many resources are allocated to it. In a single-user environment,...

Dynamic Row and Column Access Policies

This blog post was authored by Serge Bonte. Vertica’s row and column access policies can be used to provide extra security on data in your tables. These policies are well covered in Best Practices for Creating Access Policies in Vertica and Dynamic Row and Column Access Policies. In this blog, we will explore how dynamic...

Improving Performance and Memory Acquisitions for Vertica Queries

This blog post was authored by Shrirang Kamat. The following design considerations will help you improve the performance and memory of your Vertica queries. When creating table definitions, you should carefully choose the size of the lookup column based on your data. Properly sizing your column based on your data will help to improve performance....